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Past Projects


Commercial projects:
Partial List of Projects and Clients

 Fort Bragg Aquatic Center - Glass Architect / Paul Douglas
 Stanford Inn By The Sea (3 Story Timber Framed Hotel) - Big River Limited
 Stanford Inn By The Sea (4 Story Split Level Offices & Restaurant) - Big River Limited
 Police Station / Emergency Operations Center
    (1 Story Essential Facility Building) - City of Fort Bragg

 Micro Brewery - North Coast Brewing Co.
 Mendocino Coast Veterinary Clinic - Mendocino Coast Humane Society
Fort Bragg Aquatic Center
Miniature Golf Course - David Queen
Friendship Park - Mendocino, Ballpark
Underground water storage tank - SWMWD
Apartment Complex - Ukiah, CA Steve Gones Premier Properties
Single family subdivision houses - Premier Properties
Ambulance building - Gualala, CA Dan Levin

Residential projects:
Partial List of Projects and Clients

 Dr. & Mrs. Gordon’s Ocean Bluff House - Irish Beach Michael Wike AIA
 Lu & Manard Lyndon - Sea Ranch - Lyndon Architect
 Robert Dutton’s Ocean Bluff House - Fort Bragg Leventhal & Schlosser AIA
 Van Bourg Residence Ocean Bluff House - Sea Ranch Lyndon/Buchanan AIA
 Witchner Residence (Post and Timber) - Navarro Michael Thomas (Timberpeg)
 Thomas Residence, Barns & Studios - Albion Jerry Thomas
 Meadow House - Sea Ranch Lyndon/Buchanan AIA
Holly Ranch - Leventhal & Schlosser Architects
Hawk Higgens - John Halley
Ulatonski addition & pool - Tomek Ulatonski
Mckenzie Residence - (ICF Construction) Lyndon Ernst
Benson-Surles Residence - Turnbull Griffin & Haesloop

Restoration and seismic upgrading of historic buildings:
Partial List of Projects and Clients

 Old Coast Hotel (2 Story Historic Hotel Renovation) - Dr. Thomas Carine
 Guest House Museum - City of Fort Bragg
 Sea Ranch Barn - Sea Ranch Association
 Kelly House Museum - Mendocino
Jarvis / Nichols Building - Mendocino
Brown water tower - Mendocino, CA
Aguilar water tower - Mendocino, CA
Kettner retail building - Mendocino, CA
Riverview office building (seismic upgrade) - Trust Company
Hurst light house addition - Jim & Barbara Hurst
Stewart PT store - Dan Levin



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